"For The Ride Of Your Life"

Former Games

I've had some requests to show pictures of the games which I have owned in the past, which have since moved on to new homes.  I'm sure I'm probably forgetting a few, and a few of the games I had a real long time ago I don't have any pictures of, so I just put the flyers on here.  A few were purchased just to be resold and came and went very quickly, others I had for many years.

Note that while the games themselves are no longer available, I do have some spare parts/manuals/boards/carts/etc. for select certain ones, so feel free to inquire if you're looking for something.

Midway Ms Pac-Man / 412-in-1 Vertical Ms Pac / 412-in-1
Zero Point Optical Shooter Zero Point
Midway Galaga Conversion Galaga Conversion
Gottleib Solar Ride Pinball Solar Ride
Williams Gold Mine Shuffle Bowler Gold Mine Shuffle
Williams "Project" Comet Pinball Project Comet
Williams Comet Pinball Comet
Midway Ms Pac-Man Cocktail Table Ms Pac Cocktail
Midway Kick-Man kickman
Global Touch HD Upright Touchscreen Multigame Global Touch HD
Strata Time Killers Time Killers
Williams High Impact Football HIF
Bromley "Wheel 'M In" Redemption Game Wheel 'M In
Midway Galaga Upright Galaga 
Williams Alien Poker Pinball Alien Poker 
Merit Megatouch IV
(I used to own two of these)
Megatouch IV #1
Romstar Arkanoid Cocktail Table Arkanoid Cocktail
Cinematronics World Series The Season Baseball World Series Baseball 
Bally Sky Kings Pinball Sky Kings 
Romstar Time Soldiers Time Soldiers 
IT Golden Tee Classic Golden Tee Classic 
Midway Bump 'N Jump #1 Bump N Jump 1 
Midway Bump 'N Jump #2 Bump N Jump 2 
96-in-1 Multi-Pac 96-in-1 Multi-Pac 
4-in-1 Cocktail Table
(Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Frogger)
4-in-1 Cocktail Table 
39-in-1 Multicade Cocktail Table 39-in-1 Multicade Cocktail Table
Midway Style Arkanoid Cocktail Table  Midway Style Arkanoid Cocktail
Chicago Coin Baseball Champ  Baseball Champ 
Gottlieb Q*bert QBert 
Bally Future Spa Pinball  Future Spa 
Gottlieb Palace Guard Wedgehead Pinball  Palace Guard 
Gottlieb Roller Coaster Pinball  Roller Coaster 
Gottlieb Pinball Pool Pinball Pinball Pool 
Williams Klondike Pinball   Klondike 
IT Golden Tee 2005 Fore! Conversion   Golden Tee Conversion
Jokers Wild Pachislo Slot Jokers Wild Pachislo Slot 
SNK Neo-Geo 1 Slot Neo Geo 1 Slot 
Merit Pitboss Superstar Pitboss Superstar 
United Nugget Shuffle Bowler United Nugget Shuffle Bowler 
Sega / Gremlin Carnival Carnival 
Betson Big Choice Crane  Big Choice Crane 
SNK Neo-Geo Gold #1
(I still have another one of these)
Neo-Geo Gold 1 
Pop-A-Slot Pop-A-Slot 
Ramtek Hit Me Cocktail  Hit Me Cocktail 
Gottlieb High Hand  Captain Card
Midway Tornado Baseball  Tornado Baseball
United Altair Shuffle Bowler Altair
Williams Travel Time Pinball Travel Time
Bally Bon Voyage Pinball  Bon Voyage


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